Why Personality Tests Are Beneficial To Employers and Candidates Alike

“Personality tests” is an umbrella term for a wide variety of challenges, puzzles, and questionnaires designed to explore, identify, and categorise various aspects of human behaviour and potential. They often measure very specific attributes, and with the correct application, can provide extremely valuable insights for both potential employers and candidates.

The choice of test depends on what it is one wants to know. Individuals can use personality tests to help navigate choices when it comes to occupation and career decisions, or to work through challenges or times of crisis in their career.

Organisations can use personality tests to evaluate the skills, interests, values, or strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates or existing employees. Through this, they can assure that each candidate and their role within the company is a good fit or identify areas of development that would be most useful for employees.

Top Benefits for Companies

  1. Lower Staff Turnover

When interviewing potential new employees, an employer has very little insight into the person sitting in front of them, other than a CV and work history. Using a combination of personality tests, give them the opportunity to better assess the candidate’s personality, attitude, and skills. This insight makes it easier to predict whether a candidate would be the right fit for the position. Low employee engagement can result in an up to 45% higher staff turnover, which makes it so important to find the right candidates.

  1. Increased Employee Satisfaction

A good match between a person’s skills and their position also means less work stress and improved job satisfaction. The same goes for a good match between an individual’s personality and a company’s work culture. We all want a place where we feel we belong. Personality tests can help predict this match.

  1. Better Results

The right skills matched with the right task delivers better results. That much is obvious. But also, the better a person fits in with his or her colleagues, the more trust there is and the better they all work together as a team, enabling them to achieve better results, faster. What is more, higher job satisfaction also leads to increased productivity.

Top Benefits for Individuals

  1. Get to Know Yourself

We all like the feeling of knowing ourselves. There is a certain satisfaction and validation that comes with confirming your own abilities, attributes, and characteristics. Knowing yourself can also assist in building or reinforcing your self-confidence. There are a number of good online personality tests available that can help you obtain these insights.

  1. Ace Your Interviews

The insights you gain from these personality tests can also help you do better in interviews, as you know and understand your own abilities and shortcomings better. Many personality tests are designed to identify strengths and weaknesses – a question that often comes up in interviews – preparing you to answer these questions with confidence in your next interview.

  1. Identify Areas for Self-Development

Merely knowing your weaknesses, shortcomings, or gaps in training might not be enough to land you that dream job. But, once you have identified these successfully, you have the opportunity to work on these areas and improve your own abilities. Even if you have not mastered a specific skill that you have identified as an area that needs improvement, it is still highly commendable if you can recognise such a shortcoming in an interview, followed by what you are doing proactively to address this. It is a win-win situation for you and your future employer. Not only do they know you are working on improving yourself, but they also now know that you are capable of self-evaluation and are willing to work on bettering your skills when and where necessary.

The Professional Solution

There are numerous free personality tests available online. Some are more useful than others. It is fine to play around with these as an individual, as you know yourself and can usually tell whether a test is useful or missing the mark completely. However, as a company, it is vital to make use of the right combination of professional personality tests to truly harness the full advantage of these tests.

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