Unlock Untapped Potential with Organisational Workshops

Even the most successful companies can improve their efficiency, productivity, and profitability in some way. A bold statement? Yes. A true statement? Also yes. As markets, technology, and staff change, so should the way a business organises itself also continually change in order to keep on performing optimally. But, so often, we as humans get stuck in the habit of doing things a certain way, because that is the way we have always done it. Organisational workshops give you the opportunity to truly objectively evaluate the structure and performance of your business – and then to make the necessary changes to realign the efforts of your team to your goal.

The possibilities and opportunities can be endless, so we have compiled a list of the most obvious and important areas where organisational workshops can help companies excel:

Organisational Design

Both the technical and human side of a business can be improved through organisational design. Workshops allow you to identify any dysfunctional areas of the business. By exploring current performance, identifying goals, and then aligning processes to bridge the gap, performance can be increased significantly, whether it be in terms of profitability, customer service, efficiency, or time management. Often, it will positively impact all of these aspects.

Team Performance

Team performance relies both on the abilities of the individuals making up said team and the efficiency with which members work together to achieve results that they cannot achieve on their own. As individual team members change over time, it might also be necessary to adapt the way the team works. Organisational workshops can help redesign your approach in order to increase the resilience, effectiveness, and overall performance of a team.

Climate Surveys

You cannot address issues and inefficiencies if you are not aware of what they are and how they impact your workforce. Effective work climate and employee engagement surveys can help you identify these issues, empowering you to increase positive employee engagement, reduce staff turnover, and understand the driving forces at work in your organisation.

Human Capital Decisions

A number of production factors contribute to our ability to create goods and services. Those factors that come from human beings, such as knowledge, skills, personality attributes, and more, is what is referred to as human capital. Organisational workshops can help guide decisions in this field through the use of effective job analysis, job grading, and performance management.

Change Management

Change is never easy, and a number of factors mentioned above require change. Even though this change is evidently positive, human nature is still to stick to old, familiar habits. So, if you want to get the most out of business decisions, you should also invest in proper change management and communication to ensure success. Workshops are the perfect way to kickstart change and motivate your staff compliment.

Employee Wellness

Happy employees are productive employees. A range of organisational workshops exist to develop, train, and motivate employees on both a professional and personal level.

To further explore the benefits of organisational workshops and how they can benefit your business, contact FWA Organisational Development. For over 30 years, we have been helping organisations successfully increase their performance, and we are ready to help your company excel.

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