With a portfolio of multi-rater surveys, FWA can help leverage strengths and develop some of the following close-knit teams. These surveys include:

Climate Survey:

The Climate Survey (Employee Satisfaction) evaluates the viewpoints and opinions of staff members within nominated areas. This aims to access the company’s perceived areas of strength. It addresses the frustrations related to aspects that could be improved upon.

Leadership Intelligence and Management Style Survey:

Emotional Intelligence-based questionnaires facilitated on identifying the Leaders/Managers strengths and areas for development within the workplace. These surveys prove to be highly effective in assisting teams with communication challenges and conflict management.

Motivational Culture Survey:

This survey holistically evaluates the broader characteristics and values within an organisation. Key drivers are measured within the business to determine motivators and the culture of the business, which gives an indication of the benchmarks within the work environment, as well as requirements for employee compatibility within a company, such as achievement cultures and security needs.

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