Psychometric Testing: South Africa Takes Advantage of Standardised Assessment

Globally, more and more companies are showing an interest in psychometric testing. South Africa is also picking up on this trend regarding the recruitment and development of employees. So, why this growing interest? What value does it hold for companies? And what about employees and job seekers?

Before we look at why an increasing number of companies are looking into psychometric testing in South Africa, let us explain what it is. These tests are often used as a part of the recruitment process or in evaluating existing staff to identify development opportunities or promotion potential. It provides employers with a tried and tested, standardised method to assess a candidate’s intelligence, skills, and personality.

FWA Organisational Development has been assisting companies to unlock their full potential through staff development and management for almost four decades. During this time, they have introduced a number of variations of psychometric testing in South Africa to assist employers with various challenges. Some of these include:

  • Personality Assessments – Appraises an individual’s characteristics that predict performance and future potential in a specific role, such as drive and ambition, how they fit into your team, and how inspiring they are as leaders.
  • Cognitive Assessments – Assists in identifying the top candidates with the right abilities and potential to flourish in a specific role with defined requirements.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Measures the combination of emotional and social skills and competencies that influence a person’s ability to cope effectively with the demands and pressures of work and life.
  • Values/Motivators Assessments – Identifies motivation, culture and values, and potential opportunities for improvement within a team.
  • Sales Assessments – Provides an objective view of a candidate’s strengths and areas of development specifically within sales.
  • Integrity Assessments – Helps to identify individuals with integrity and strong moral principles that align with the organisation and the degree to which they are vulnerable to counterproductive behaviour.
  • Interest Assessments – Helps to match an individual’s likes, interests, and strengths to potential roles and careers.
  • Aptitude Assessments – Determines a candidate’s ability to perform certain tasks by assessing their fluid intelligence, combined with their ability to apply reasoning and logic, and to work with information.

Psychometric testing is especially helpful in South Africa where we are currently sitting with an abundance of talented potential employees, but a shortage of available jobs. It gives an employer another way of evaluating potential candidates, and finding the best possible fit for their work environment and requirements amongst a number of qualified applicants.

But it is not only employers in South Africa who can reap the benefits of psychometric testing. Potential employees also stand to gain. With a number of these tests available for free online, job candidates can practice and hone their skills. This is not an attempt to influence the outcome, but rather gives the candidate the chance to highlight their existing strengths and capabilities, and improve on areas of weakness.

If you want to find out more about psychometric testing in South Africa, get in touch with an expert on the topic at FWA Organisational Development. They will be able to answer your questions and give you advice on how these tests can revolutionise your recruitment process and improve the performance of your organisation or business.

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