Why Psychometric Testing Is Used For Recruitment and Development in South Africa

The South African recruitment landscape is not easy to navigate. Unemployment is high and for every job, there is an overwhelming number of applicants. If you work in an environment that is dependent on health checks or the monitoring of other factors such as physical and mental abilities, there are always several factors at play. It is vital to ensure that your recruitment process is simple, takes as little time as possible, and that it is as accurate and effective as it can be. Appointing people into positions that are not suited to their abilities and personalities leads to unproductivity. While it may be quite possible for someone to convince interviewers that they are up to the job requirements, modern psychometric testing in South Africa has helped many companies make more informed decisions about the people they employ.

Psychometric Testing During Recruitment

The traditional recruitment process in South Africa has the following steps:

  1. Advertising for a position.
  2. Receiving applications.
  3. Reviewing and rating applications.
  4. Shortlisting viable candidates.
  5. Interviewing viable candidates (and possible testing via physical skills tests or quizzes).
  6. Negotiating offers with a few candidates.
  7. Appointing the best candidate.

This process has various shortcomings that can set a company back. Once a seemingly viable candidate makes it to the interview process, their interaction and chemistry with the interviewer may cause a bias in their favour. We like some people more than others and a particularly charismatic interviewee may just be able to convince the interviewer that they are the best candidate, even if they are not.

The process of interviewing a large number of people requires time, money, and resources. Considering that a general interview will take around an hour, a second interview (and perhaps a presentation) may take another hour, and then sifting through viable candidates on the shortlist may take another few hours, it adds up to a lot of hours that the interviewer might be spending on recruiting just one candidate. Being able to take advantage of psychometric testing in South Africa can enable you to sort the wheat from the chaff without the interviewer actually spending too much time on the process. Once the testing is done online (from wherever the candidate is located) the collated reports will provide indisputable insights about the candidates, which will enable the recruitment team to make more informed decisions about whom to employ. This means that they do not waste time on interviewing and re-interviewing candidates that seem viable but are actually not.

Psychometric testing in South Africa is industry-driven and the tests are developed in such a way to isolate the characteristics, behaviours, and personalities that will be most suited to the position. Being able to take advantage of this type of testing enables an employer to avoid a loss of time and money interviewing a multitude of unsuitable applicants. It also means that the people who are eventually employed in these positions are more likely to perform better and remain in the company for longer.

Psychometric Testing for Employee Development in South Africa

Training and development are very important and everyone has to be kept up to date with the latest developments. Applying psychometric testing to working employees in South Arica allows the employer to find out more about the abilities and characteristics of the employee. This may result in more training provided or perhaps the development and/or redirecting of the employee into another position. Staff turnover can hurt a company, and if employees are placed in the correct positions, promoted into positions that will be meaningful to them, or even redirected into another department within the company, it can go a long way towards the employee being satisfied and contented. This means that staff turnover will decrease and that the company’s knowledge is contained within its intellectual sphere. No company wants to train an employee only to see them leave and apply their skills in a competitor’s business! Accurate psychometric testing can help to pinpoint those developmental areas that will encourage current employees – but only if real attention is given to their needs.

If you would like to find out more about psychometric testing in South Africa and how it can improve the performance of your organisation, call our expert team at FWA Organisational Development.

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