Psychometric Assessments

FWA offers a range of specialised South African and International psychometric assessments that aid clients in optimising their investments through the people they employ. FWA has an array of assessments that measure various people dimensions, including personality, interests, cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, values, performance, integrity and counter-productive behaviours.

The assessments are interpreted in relation to the key competencies associated with role requirements and provide a prediction of possible behavioural and thinking tendencies that contribute towards effective performance. For example, ability to make unpopular decisions, people skills, ability to cope with change, time management skills, confidence levels.

By identifying the strengths and development areas that people possess, these assessments play an important role in our undertaking of developing the individual and helping them reach their potential in line with performance requirements.

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FWA’s battery of assessments can be administered individually or in a group setting, and are available in the following formats:
  • On-line
  • Hand-written
  • In-basket
  • Role plays
  • Assessment centre