How Personality Tests Can Make Your Recruitment Process More Effective, Faster, and Cheaper

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A recruitment drive can be cumbersome and expensive. The standard practice is to either advertise the position in trade magazines, online, or in newspapers, or to contact a recruitment agency that will have many potential candidates on their books. The recruitment agency might not always have the required people registered with them and then have to source suitable applicants by placing their own adverts. Once the potential applicants have shown interest or applied for the position, they still have to be interviewed by the recruitment agency or the company seeking to fill the position. This can take very long because a large number of people often apply and must be interviewed. Not only does this take valuable time away from your HR department who spend all their time doing interviews, but the staff involved in the recruitment drive are less productive when it comes to fulfilling other tasks within their job descriptions. Often, it costs the potential applicant money to travel for interviews, only to find that they are not suited to the position at all.

Personality tests can vastly reduce the number of applicants and enable the employer to make well-informed decisions about whom to interview – and employ. If there is a particularly large recruitment drive, applicants can be asked to complete online personality tests to indicate their suitability for a position. This means all unsuitable candidates can immediately be eliminated and time can be spent interviewing only suitable candidates. Not only will there be fewer people to interview, but the quality and suitability of candidates for the position will be more relevant. HR staff will spend less time on interviews and it will be easier to shortlist people based on the results of the combination of the personality test and the interview. Personality tests are merely indicators of certain behaviours and traits, and they should not be used in isolation to make decisions about whom to employ. On the other hand, certain people just interview better than others, and the incorrect choice may be made because the interviewer liked a particular candidate better thanks to their interviewee skills. This is where the combination of personality tests and interviews can help to make a more informed decision about the correct person for the job.

How Hiring the Wrong Person Can Damage Your Business

People who are hired to perform specific tasks and turn out to be an bad fit can cost you money and damage your business. An employee that is not suited to the job on a personal level (even if they do have all the qualifications and experience) will not perform as well as someone whose personality is the perfect fit for the job at hand. Not only will it slow them down, but they may also start feeling demotivated and as a result develop a negative attitude. This negativity may influence the team members around them and cause a bad morale to spread, along with worse productivity. It takes a lot of effort to repair low morale in a business and to get back to optimal productivity again. Efforts such as team building, training and development, reshuffling of the department’s staff, promotions – these may all work, but they cost money that your business can ill afford if production is down in the first place.

Where Personality Tests Can Help

Personality tests are not only useful for recruitment purposes. It can be a great tool to use to identify development opportunities, future leadership talent, and suitability to other positions – or a promotion. While there are many different standardised personality tests available on the market today, it is still best to focus on what exactly you would like to know in terms of personality, and for what purpose, and then have a specialist company with testing experts design personality tests specifically adapted for your purposes. This means that you will be able to get a much more accurate result and be in a position to follow up in a more informed manner.

At FWA Organisational Development, our professionals specialise in creating personality testing for a variety of clients. Speak to us today to find out how we can create personality tests that will support your recruitment efforts and the development of your employees!

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