How Personality Tests Can Increase Talent Retention and Improve Leadership Development

 Any successful business manager knows that a high staff turnover can cause problems for the company. Not only is recruitment time-consuming and expensive, but when an employee leaves, they take all the knowledge they acquired during their tenure at the company with them. The money spent on training and development now benefits another company, and ultimately, the investment in the employee is lost. If staff retention is low, there is something wrong within the organisation. It is vital to the survival and success of the company to retain employees – especially good ones – for a long time. Personality tests can help in the following ways:

  • Determine a candidate’s suitability for certain positions during the recruitment process.
  • Test the progress of the employee during employment to identify areas of development.
  • Gauge the satisfaction levels of the current employees.
  • Identify new talent and facilitate in-house promotions and training.

It is in employers’ interest to ensure that employees are happy and mentally stimulated by their jobs. This helps improve retention and keeps staff turnover low. Personality testing provides insights into the type of work employees like to do and their suitability to certain tasks. This information allows business managers to increase the rate of engagement of the employee on the job, and to move them to other positions that may suit them better after a time.

Personality testing is often used during recruitment, but it must be remembered that nobody remains the same over time. The nature of the position may change if the company goes through changes and while the employee was initially perfectly suited to the position and happy to be there, this might not remain the case. Personality testing later during the employee’s career at the company might expose some personality traits that may require attention in order to retain the employee. Personality testing can help managers find the correct career paths for employees and provide insight into how the employee likes to be managed. This, in turn, fosters better relations between employers and employees and helps them remain with the company. Personality testing can also have the following effects:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Higher staff retention; and
  • More satisfied customers.

Personality Testing and Leadership Development

There are simple personality tests that can offer invaluable outputs. Usually, these consist of a 360-degree personality test that provides feedback to the organisation. This feedback enables the company and its management to focus on the things that are vital to leadership development with current staff members. It also allows them to target specific areas that can be developed in order to promote better leadership. It also tells the manager more about what the employee likes to do and how to steer the company towards success through talent retention and promotion.

Coaching, training, and succession planning also benefit from using the correct types of personality testing. Ideally, these tests should be highly focused on the individual and provide feedback to the employee and managers about their strengths, weaknesses (developmental opportunities), and suitability to the succession of certain positions. Succession planning will generally require the employee to use their natural abilities and personality traits to be successful in a particular position further along their career, and having a way to identify the synergies between personality traits and task requirements can provide valuable insights into who to retain, who to develop, and also who to let go.

FWA Organisational Development and Personality Testing

Since 1982, we have specialised in helping organisations reach their potential when it comes to employee performance. We operate in a range of different industries across the board and we have designed products and personality tests specifically aimed at the South African corporate environment. We help organisations unlock the talent they already have at their disposal and provide insight into training and development to ensure higher retention rates and more successful outcomes. We know that employees need to be suited to the positions they are in, and we work hard to ensure that we develop highly effective personality testing that help companies retain valuable employees, develop their strengths, and do effective succession planning. If you want to find out more about how our personality testing can help you retain your most valuable employees, give our team at FWA Organisational Development a call.

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