4 Key Benefits of Effective Organisational Development

Many of us have heard of organisational development, and typically the idea of this conjures up an image in the mind of employees sitting in a stuffy training room with a trainer trying to teach them something about the jobs they are doing or tasks that they will be expected to perform in the future. While this may be true in some instances, organisational development has experienced a revolution during which different types of organisational development have been thoroughly analysed, and this has given us a good idea of how it should be applied to make it most effective.

Basically, organisational development involves changing the beliefs, values, and skill sets of people in order to benefit both the individual and the business. This allows the business to be better prepared for changes in the markets, new developments and technologies, and to take advantage of these changes in a way that will allow the company to flourish.

Organisational development has many benefits, but the four most common benefits include the following:

  • Improved Communication: When employees communicate better, everything works better. Increased feedback and interaction within and between teams motivate people to share a common vision and to work towards common purposes to benefit the company. It can also help to identify where changes are needed in order to keep the business more effective and employees more satisfied and correctly developed.
  • Ongoing Improvement: The process of organisational development is not something that happens once or twice a year; it should be a continuous process of analysing where development is needed, and a constant cycle of analysis, identification, change, monitoring, and evaluation. If this process is sustained on a permanent basis, the business will constantly improve and be prepared for change and new market opportunities.
  • Skills Development: It is vital that people’s skills are developed on a constant basis – not only to allow them to do their jobs better and to keep them motivated, but to also prepare them for future developments within the company. The skills of the employees have to be able to meet the evolvement of the organisations. It helps to remember the old adage: “Change is the only constant in life” – and people have to be developed to meet the needs of the organisation when market or environmental changes require it. A proper people development programme will also include evaluation, identification of training needs, and the constant enhancement of organisational processes.
  • Better Services and Products: Innovation is one of the most important things that can come out of organisational development. People who are adequately developed will be able to use new technologies, come up with creative solutions, and enhance the capabilities of the organisation to provide better products and services.

If you are interested in effective organisational development for your company, it is often quite difficult to do so in-house. Even if there is an internal training and development department, it can turn into a rather narrow-minded focus, and often the abilities and skills of the training staff are not as well developed as it should be. What can help with this is to get an external professional consultancy to provide “new eyes” on the situation – even if it is just to ensure that your organisational development is effective. If this is the case, give our team at FWA Organisational Development a call, and we can help you to provide effective organisational development that will benefit your company in more than four ways.

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