How Online Psychometric Tests are Used in South Africa to Benefit Organisations

The use of online psychometric tests in South African has increased dramatically over the last ten years. A range of factors encourages this innovative trend and one of the most prevalent of these is the sheer number of candidates looking for work. The unemployment figure is high in South Africa and whereas 20 years ago companies could still manage the number of applicants and interview them all for a particular position, the volume of applicants and the vast number of incoming CVs and personal portfolios have become virtually unmanageable.

Another factor that has played a major role in the use of psychometric tests in South Africa is the huge financial savings that companies can achieve when they make use of them during the recruitment process. While there is still a huge number of applicants, they can be automatically screened online beforehand in order to determine their suitability to particular occupations long before an interview becomes a viable proposition.

Psychometric tests in South Africa also offer valuable benefits for the candidates, who no longer have to travel long distances or take time out of a current job to drive to interviews. Instead, they can complete the psychometric tests that are required for that particular position long before the interview process. Their use in South Africa has forever changed the local recruitment landscape, with both employers and work seekers benefiting greatly from this new development.

Overall, an interview lasts more or less an hour – and a lot more time may be needed to thoroughly interview a senior executive. Often, repeat interviews are required because candidates are shortlisted and need to be seen again. Modern, custom-created, online psychometric tests can isolate the desirable characteristics and personality traits that are vital to a particular position. Because most of these tests are electronically based and automated, they provide accurate reports on the information required for the recruiters. This means that a quick and clear impression can be formed by the recruiters on the viability of the applicant and whether they are deemed suitable.

Another important influence that psychometric tests have in South Africa in terms of the organisational environment is the identification of potential developmental needs, leadership functioning, and training opportunities. While humans are often quite good at identifying the necessary characteristics and leadership skills in team members, they often miss other things, such as lack of motivation or knowledge.

Online psychometric testing can be designed to point out particular personality traits, tendencies, behaviours, motivational influences, and many other aspects that could influence how people behave in a particular situation or position. Knowing where to invest money when it comes to training and development, coaching, or further study can save an organisation a lot of time and money and also play a vital role in the retention of valuable employees who help to achieve company goals effectively.

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