3 Important Factors That Influence Employee Performance

In the past, it was believed that employee performance could be increased purely by way of performance management. Strategy and vision were needed to ensure that objectives were set and achieved, and that employee performance was aligned with the expectations of the business leaders. During the 1980s, however, it became clear that the culture of a company also has a vast influence on an employee’s performance.

Today, employee engagement is seen as imperative. This became clear after studies showed that employees who are not actively engaged in their jobs will habitually underperform. All three these factors are now considered the cornerstones of employee performance, and in order to increase performance and productivity, all three of these factors need to be considered.

  1. Company culture: The culture of a company forms the base of its employee ecosystem. More importantly though is not so much about what is written in the company’s mission statement, but rather if these values are visible in the actions of the company. If these values truly include and display transparency, support, good communication, and a positive attitude, employees are more likely to go about doing their work according to the culture. The best way to find out whether an employee’s performance is affected by this is to measure the difference between the values stated by the company, and to what extent the employees actually experience and live these values.
  2. Employee engagement: An employee that is engaged by what they do will automatically be more motivated and enthusiastic about the tasks they are asked to carry out. They need to be interested in what they do, and they have to care about the work, the company, and the team. It has to matter to them to get things done and to achieve objectives. Employee performance is significantly lower if the employee is not engaged or disinterested in what they do. The level of employee engagement can be tricky to measure because engagement is a personal thing. There are, however, experts that are able to measure employee engagement quite effectively at FWA Organisational Development. We can also make recommendations on how to encourage engagement and improve productivity.
  3. Performance Management: There is no way to measure how well your employees are doing without some form of performance measurement and management. It is, however, quite easy to do. Objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) can be set and the employee’s performance is measured according to these. These KPIs and objectives can be changed as the role of the employee changes, or as the needs of the company change. Not reaching objectives or performing well according to the results of the KPIs may be addressed in different ways, such as providing coaching and support, setting clearer goals and objectives, and even moving the employee to a position that may be better suited to their talents.

If you want to ensure that the performance of your employees is top notch, summon some help from true professionals who deal with organisational development and performance every day. Contact our team at FWA Organisational Development for more information.

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