The Basic Concepts of Psychometric Testing and Its applications

Cognitive Assessments

Many companies use psychometric testing to either make informed decisions about recruitment applicants or identify developmental requirements or potential for promotion, but these tests do not all fit the requirements of the organisation as well as they should. Standardised tests are based on standardised concepts, but organisations vary in nature and have disparate needs when it comes to their candidates, employees, and the application of psychometric testing.

What Psychometric Testing Is

The objective of psychometric testing is to establish methods to use that can fairly and accurately gauge and measure certain personality traits, characteristics, and potential with the use of a test. These tests must be psychometrically sound and accurate and the test must be able to accurately measure the parameters that it is designed to measure or identify. Many psychological traits, behavioural and educational concepts, and characteristics can be measured by these scientific tests if they are designed in a psychometrically sound way. The professionals who design these tests are called psychometricians and they must be qualified to design psychometric testing that is effective enough to accurately identify and measure the relevant characteristic, behaviours, and attitudes.

Which Tasks Require Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing used for recruitment purposes analyse a particular job or role, and must be able to define the skills, behaviours, and characteristics that will feature most prominently when fulfilling this role or within the particular profession. Psychometric testing can also be used for various other purposes, such as the identification of developmental opportunities, to discover talent, to gauge competencies for a particular task, to identify suitable career choices, and many others. All psychometric testing must be able to measure results accurately though the application of statistical methods and provide scoring and results that can be easily interpreted in terms of the established standards for that type of test. This is why technology-based tests or online psychometric testing is often preferred.

The two most important principles of psychometric testing are reliability and validity, and to what extent they relate to the fair and accurate application of the tests. Validity is determined by the extent to which a particular test can be used as a valid indication for the purpose for which it was intended. This means that it is crucial that the tests be designed by a psychometrician who is qualified to design viable psychometrics.

How FWA Organisational Development Can Help

As indicated in our name, we specialise in the development of organisations. Our services include team development, help with change management and restructuring, the development and application of psychometric testing for various organisational purposes, industrial psychology, and overall business consulting that create a better and more productive environment to help the business to flourish. Our focus is on the people working within your organisation and we help them work together better to enhance their performance.

If you need psychometric testing for whatever reason, speak to our consultants about your needs, and we will help you work out a solution that will help your organisation function better and be more productive. Call us today to find out more.

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