What is Team Coaching and How It Can Benefit your Organisation

Sometimes things happen in the corporate environment that leads managers to think that everything is fine when they are, in fact, far from it. In time, the results that those departments provide lead to disappointment of the executive management team and disillusion of the employees in that particular team. A good example is where you have a particularly dynamic team leader or manager who is really good at coming up with new ideas that will benefit the company, yet the team struggles to comprehend completely what is required, and even when they do, they are unable to keep up with the ideas and objectives of the manager. This may result in a total lack of engagement by the team and, in the end, nothing happens as it should. Even though the manager is doing a good job, the disconnection between the manager and team will ultimately result in a failure to produce what is expected. This is one of the prime scenarios when team coaching can breathe new life into a project or team.

There are often things that are not said by the members of the team, especially if they have a very dynamic and active manager. A lot of things and emotions can be kept hidden from the team or the manager in order to keep the status quo and not to offend or bother anyone else. This means that some members of the team are in disarray and too scared to put their feelings of being lost and not adequately guided out there. They flounder as a result, and the department becomes a lot less productive than it should be if the team and the manager are not able to work together and openly address doubts and misunderstandings within the team.

It requires a lot of courage for a team member to be the first one to speak up. Most team members are too afraid of losing face (or even losing their jobs) if they vocalise their inability to keep up with the new ideas that are being put in place, and they are embarrassed to discuss their insecurities about reaching the goals set out for them. Businesses do thrive on ideas, but these ideas also need effective implementation in order to be efficient.

Team coaching can make a huge difference in these situations, and many others. Team coaching teaches the team to become one, to hold each other up, to dare to speak up when there are holes in the plan, and to express doubts and fears, not only to the rest of the team but also to the team leader or manager. Team coaching can help them to share the common goals of the team and encourage them to find ways to meet these goals. It can also help to increase the productivity and communication within the team (and with the manager) when they are together and also especially when they are apart.

Advantages of Team Coaching

One-to-one coaching can provide amazing results, but coaching a team can produce even better results. It encourages the team to communicate better – how to express doubts and misgivings about particular ideas. Nobody can develop when they are completely isolated from the rest of the team, and the fear of communicating doubts and ideas must be addressed. Team coaching will help to instil the confidence of team members to express these doubts and fears, and to come up with ways to resolve them as a unit.

Team coaching helps the team to adapt to changes within the working environment and to produce innovative solutions and ideas for the future. It also helps the team to bond better, communicate better (without fear of being seen as inadequate), and to address their internal problems better. Moreover, the company intelligence (the knowledge and learning acquired by the team) remains within the company, and that intellectual property does not leave the organisation when an employee becomes discouraged enough to leave. Team coaching encourages a team to find its own rhythm and methods to get things done and to communicate their intentions and plans better upwards, which ultimately benefits everyone: the organisation, the manager, and the individuals in the team!

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