FWA Organisational Development has been assisting companies to meet their potential since 1982, having worked with a broad spectrum of world-class companies across all industries, including Financial Services, IT, Environmental Management Manufacturing, Mining and FMCG to name a few.

With a portfolio of Products & Services designed specifically for South Africa’s dynamic business environment, FWA’s team of dedicated professionals has assisted numerous clients in unlocking the true potential of their people.

Having serviced the market for over 30 years, FWA has developed a unique approach that builds confidence and develops collaborative relationships across and within organisations.

At FWA we understand that successful relationships between staff members and the company will translate into increased performance, teamwork and reduces costly staff turnover. It is this understanding that has given us great success in obtaining bottom-line results for our clients.


FWA ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT originated in 1982, founded by Dr. Frank Watson in Gauteng, who fulfils the position of Chairman.

The company is headed by Ms. Jacqueline Rosslee who has been involved in every facet of the company over the last 17 years. Over the many years that FWA has been operating, we have emphasised a collection of work in the areas of Organisational Development (Industrial Psychology). FWA has Registered Industrial Psychologists, Psychometrists and qualified personnel in business and psychology; in addition to well experienced personnel within their fields of expertise.

FWA specialises in varied elements of human development (attitudes and behaviours), such as psychometric assessments, training and development, implementing organisational structures, business consulting and surveys.

These services are offered to FWA’s clients in the form of an integrated set of solutions. Alternatively, individual products and services can be provided to meet the client’s needs.

The spectrum of our consulting work carried out over the years has accumulated into a holistic overall portfolio of experience and knowledge, allowing us to assist our clients to achieve higher levels of productivity and bottom-line improvements.

These results are obtained through assisting the client to gain a more in-depth understanding of themselves and their people. In particular we assist them in reviewing their current operating styles, while providing relevant recommendations as well as assisting in the implementation and modification of the required areas.


FWA Organisational Development has a BBBEE Level 4 Status and is classified as an EME and recognized as being 100% BEE compliant. View BEE Certificate