Organisational Development

FWA’s Organizational Development (OD) initiatives aim to enhance the effectiveness of people in contributing towards organisational objectives. In particular, FWA assists in reviewing current operating styles of teams and individuals, structures / processes and providing relevant recommendations to assist in achieving improvement.

Our aim is to assist businesses actualize their strategic intent in a manner that:

  • Promotes people, team and organisational efficiency.
  • Encourages engagement, innovation and drive to maximize performance.
  • Stimulates positive individual, team and organisational morale.
  • Alleviates counter-productive work behaviours.

With a spectrum of OD work accumulated over the years, FWA has a holistic portfolio of experience and knowledge, assisting clients to improve productivity and subsequently their bottom-line results. These results are obtained by working closely with each client to gain an in-depth understanding of them and their employees and to ensure that the necessary changes are implemented.

We have partnered with clients in the fields of engineering, IT, entertainment, banking, media/publishing, accounting, financial services, civil construction, retail, environmental, FMCG, telecommunications and manufacturing to name a few.

More on Organisational Development:

“Just wanted to extend a really big thank you for a very meaning contribution to our management team with yesterday’s session. The very honest view gave us both insight into the progress from the last intervention as well as importantly providing direction to our future development as a team. The team were extremely positive and also asked me to extend their thanks to you all.”

BMI Research: Gareth Pearson, CEO