At FWA, we collaborate with businesses to develop people’s performance and increase your bottom line.

With a team comprising of registered industrial psychologists, psychometrists and business experts as well as specialists in various fields of expertise, commitment to professional excellence is our philosophy. Find out how FWA can work together with your company in closing the gap and creating performance improvement.


Aligning the right people to the right roles


Enhancing the effectiveness of people in contributing towards organisational objectives


Optimising people performance through competency development

Today’s business environment demands competitive balancing of financial resources, technology and the marketing mix. At the heart of this balance, lies the passion and dedication of those people that truly make organisations succeed!

In a 21st century economy, human capital is the true competitive advantage: one that is almost impossible to imitate, yet can be sustained indefinitely. Sadly, the human factor is also the most frequent element that causes companies to fail. The crippling effect of misplaced people, negativity, unresolved conflict and de-motivated staff can erode a company’s edge and even lead it into liquidation.

For most people, attitudes determine behaviour and behaviour leads to performance. Exceptional achievers know that by mastering their emotional strengths, they can increase their effectiveness in the workplace.

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