Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive Assessment measures the cognitive processes and the means by which individuals deal with information when solving problems. It assesses current levels of work capability and identifies an individual’s optimal career level and future potential. This assessment is ideally suitable for Office Staff through to Executive Management.

Outcomes / Competencies

  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Thinking vs Operational Thinking
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Learning Potential

Learning Potential Assessments

These standardised assessment tools are specifically developed for the South African context. Unlike other assessments which measure the candidate’s verbal, mathematical or knowledge-based intelligence which can be discrimatery in a South African context, these assessments make use of drawings and symbols to measure conceptual learning, speed, accuracy of work, memory and understanding, therefore measuring the learning potential.

Outcomes / Competencies

  • Conceptual Reasoning
  • Speed of Information Processing
  • Accuracy of Information Processing
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Learning Rate
  • Memory and Understanding
  • Transfer of Knowledge

Mechanical Aptitude Assessment

The Mechanical Aptitude Assessment evaluates how an individual performs in technical and operational work activities, ie; production / manufacturing.

Outcomes / Competencies

  • Understanding Mechanical Problems – assesses the ability to solve problems related to gears, cogs and mechanical equipment.
  • Comprehending Physical Principles – assesses the ability to understand the effect of physical forces, weights and structural arrangements.
  • Estimating Movement of Objects – assesses the ability to work out how levers, handles, arms and bars operate

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